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Edible works of art and party planning



Cakes, sugarcraft, cookies and a lot more await you here


I have been baking and decorating custom cakes in Shanghai for over 10 years.  Using all natural ingredients, without any baking mixtures or artificial flavours and a variety of fresh products, I create cakes, sugarcraft and cookies for all occasions and festivities.



As with many artforms, my cakes are not just cakes, they are edible works of art. Each cake, no matter how large or small, take anything from 4-10 or even more hours to make. Depending on design, many details have to be made in advance. With the expence of the mostly imported materials I use in the cakes, please understand, that I cannot compete or even compare myself to local bakeries. I do not use mass produced mixes, but strive to use the best and most importantly natural ingredients possible, to give you an uniquely custom cake.



I do not have a pricing chart, as each cake is individual and the time needed for baking and decorating and cost of the materials needed have to be calculated, once the design has been agreed on.


On the following pages you can see some of the cakes I have made in the past, please do get in touch, should you require a custom made cake for your special event.


In case anyone is interested, I also offer themed party services in Shanghai, not with magicians, bouncy castles and the like, but more of the home made variety, where children are encouraged to use their own imagination. I create backdrops and props using mostly, but not exclusively, recycled materials, come a decorate the venue and also arrange and supervise the party games in addtion to making the cake and sweets to compliment the theme. Should take home gifts be offered, I also arrange for those, themed to go with the party.




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