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Shanghai Schröder - Torten, Zuckerwerk, Plätzchen und mehr

Flappers and Gangsters bear down in Shanghai

For my daughter's 13th birthday, I recreated a 1920 Chicago speakeasy in Shanghai.

Everything home made, from the invites, money, posters and signs. Food served was fingerfood and mocktails, kids had a lot of fun and also learnt something about the era. I ordered the Black Jack set and the roulette table from Taobao, but the cloths were too small, so a trip to Yuyuan was in order and I made larger ones, so that the kids had enough space to play properly. At times I myself felt like a gangster, printing money with the picture of my daughter on it.


Sit back and let your imagination take a trip back into history and enjoy the pictures


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