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Tim's pirate party, in a box

A house with a pool, a party planners dream come true. When I went over to discuss the possibilities, the young boy did not really know, what kind of a party he wanted. All parties are boring, is what I heard.All I heard was, he wanted action and when I suggested pirate, I got to hear, been there, done that. But not my kind of party, I thought and sold them on the idea. I started off with the invites, in a bottle of course, with some shells and sand inside for good measure. Heard from another party guest, thaat he thought, that alone was cool. They had water bombing a pirate enemy, walking the plank, sword fights, water fights, diving games, pool relays, team games, where they had to collect floating ping pong balls and a lot more. Judging from the pictures I got from the mother, none of the boys were bored and they must have fallen into bed that night, totally worn out. This was another party in a box




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