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Shanghai Schröder - Torten, Zuckerwerk, Plätzchen und mehr

CSI Party- Detectives in training

I LOVE watching CSI, so when Benno asked me, whether I could do something with this theme, I was totally excited. We first started with finding out, which questions must be asked, if a crime occurs, what can be examined and how, discussed evidence collection and how  the evidence can and should be processed. We then got down to the nitty gritty, took mug shots of all CSI personnel, filled out personal cards, took fingerprints, when all of a sudden, someone rang the doorbell and we took a break to have a drink. After the party crasher left, the boys were asked to write down and describe the person.,,,,,,,,They were not expecting that at all. Not all of the boys noticed the double glasses the person wore, nor that the earrings did not match. Also they needed to become more observant and properly look at the clothing. We then went outside to take photos and when we came back in, found out, that a thief had stolen the gifts. It was TIME to put their skills to the test and find out where the gifts were. We had to look for clues, take footprints in the garden and literally solve a crime.



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