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Shanghai's Got Talent

Idea for a young girl, who is totally into music


Her first wish was a horse themed party, but riding in Shanghai is really expensive and if you multiply that idea by 11, it can get out of hand (pocket) really fast. Fortunately Alyssa also loves music, so we decided to throw her a Gala night featuring Shanghai's first Got Talent show. Karaoke was avavilable in her home, so all I had to do, was plan the decoration, the 'flow", the fingerfood and set the stage. 


The party was a resounding success, first party ever, where all the kids forgot to open the presents, they were too busy singing, playacting, voting and eating from the fingerfood buffet.


We had the works, red carpet entrance, vinyl record guestbook, a stage, music themed  decoration, disco lights and a full fingerfood buffet, where the girls could help themselves at will. The kids came all decked out in their stage costumes and immediately got into the mood.




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