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Shanghai Schröder - Torten, Zuckerwerk, Plätzchen und mehr

A SPAtacular party for Sophia

But again, this one will not be normal. We are not looking to just pampering the young ladies, but will get their brains and hands busy, because we will be making our own natural beauty products, before testing them out on ourselves.



Starting off with the invite, a half 3d version of a nail polish bottle with removable top. The telephone number for the RSVP is wound around the brush. Plans are to make several beauty products. We will make Lip balms, foot soaks, hand lotions and scrubs, a foaming bottle of pampering soap and if we have time, we will also whip up a luxurious body butter. We will then test several out at the party and also package surplus products in beautiful containers for the girls to take home and show off to their parents. Beauty products without parabens, chemical additives and all home made.


Having said that, it is off to the garden to pick mint, rosemary and thyme and dry them in time for the party. Home grown and spray free lemons are already zested and being dried as I type.


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