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Cupcake decorating party

A sugar sweet party



Dani approached me and asked, whether I had any ideas for her daughter's 7th birthday party. First idea that popped into my mind, was a cupcake decorating party, it sort of fits to Sophia. She loves creating, cooking, in fact, she has come over and baked with me a couple of times before. One of her favourites being chocolate chip cookies. Neither mine nor Dani's kitchen would have been big enough however, to accomodate 8 little girls with baking, so we decided on decorating cupcakes.


A couple of hours later, I had finished the invitations and some simple decorations for the room, aprons were ordered and the party planning was well underway. It was great watching them decorate their cupcakes, they were concentrated and eager and one could see their personalities shine in their creations, each one so different. All girls went home with a box of cupcakes, carrying them proudly like trophies. Even Sophias big brother joined in and decorated a cupcake or two, little brother was just into eating not only the cupcakes, but the decorations themselves, ...before they made it onto the cupcakes. When the girls were finished and busy unwrapping the gifts, the father quietly sat down and started to decorate the spare cupcakes I brought along,..who knew!


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